CIRC 2021 Competition Information


Welcome to the 2021 Canadian International Rover Challenge! We are pleased to offer our fourth summer competition in the badlands of Alberta. This unique and exciting landscape is an ideal environment for university space and robotics teams to showcase their rovers. Our newest array of tasks will test rovers in unique and exciting ways. This event is great for both teams and the public to enjoy. Our collaborative event center gives your team a spot to work on your rover, and to engage with teams from around the world.

Event Date

August 13-16, 2021


Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

Thanks to the continued support of our 2021 Title Sponsor Protocase, CIRC Central will continue to operate out of the Badlands Community Facility in downtown Drumheller.


Apply to Participate

Participlants will be selected through an application process. To begin, submit the Expression of Interest form at the Get Involved page.

Rules and Regulations


General Information


CIRC 2021 T-shirts will available for order through this website. Shirts ordered by attendees will be available for pickup at the event. An announcement will be made when these items are made available.

Changes Since CIRC 2019

See Also: 2021 Competition Rules

Based on feedback and what we’ve learned from the 2019 competition, we’ve made a number of changes that will be rolled forward to 2021:

  • We’ve clarified that rovers must be able to operate in the rain, and we don’t promise any accommodations due to weather. It is impossible to adjust scheduling around weather as the competition grows, and providing alternative tasks cannot be made fair from a scoring perspective.
  • We’ve brought forward our safety reporting deadlines and clarified that you can request a partial evaluation at any time. The penalty for being over the mass limit has been reduced to align with the bonus for being under mass. A hard limit of 70kg still applies.
  • We’re introducing the first cooperative task this year, and so that we can mitigate communications interference we have added additional rules regarding configurability of rover communication infrastructure. Having multiple teams competing at once allows us to extend the task length, so we’ve added rulings on changing out batteries mid-task with an intervention.
  • Our livestream is expanding this year to cover all of our tasks. Expect your team to be filmed and streamed while at CIRC Central, in the field at tasks, and in the operations trailers. We have reserved additional channels of the 5GHz Wi-Fi spectrum to accommodate this expansion.