Team Resources

General Resources

We will be working to facilitate and assist teams as our resources allow. We encourage teams new to rover competitions to reach out to other more experienced teams. However if you have more questions, you are welcome to email us, and we would be happy to provide whatever assistance we can.

CIRC organizers take no responsibility for arranging teams transportation, deliveries or accommodations for their participation. We will provide letters confirming registration for those applying for visas.

Some areas of support we are in the process of arranging for participants:

  • Discounted hotel accommodation
  • Work space throughout the weekend
  • Design and manufacturing resources

For teams who are considering participating, or are registered, some useful links are below:

Information for preparing for the summer Drumheller climate will be provided at a later date.

UAV Guidelines for CIRC

All information provided below is simply reference information. Any individuals that wish to qualify for UAV operation at CIRC are fully responsible for ensuring they meet all relevant Canadian laws and regulations. CIRC officials will not hesitate to report any drone operators that are suspect of not meeting the regulations.

  • UAV operations are only permitted when explicit permission is granted in writing by the CIRC organizers and Midland Provincial Park in addition to meeting all the requirement laid out by Canadian Law.
  • Operators shall not contact Alberta Parks or Midland Provincial Park directly. All communication will be handled through the Canadian International Rover Competition.
  • UAVs shall not be used to aid rover operators during events.
  • UAVs may only be operated under Canadian Special Flight Operations Certificates (SFOCs) registered in the Edmonton Flight Information Region (Edmonton FIR).
  • UAVs must be operated in accordance with all SFOC requirements, the guidelines of the Canadian Aeronautics Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. A-2), Canadian Aviation Regulations (SOR/96-433), and the Edmonton FIR best practices and UAV integration procedures. The latest revision of the above documents shall be applied.
  • The competition is held in the vicinity of the Drumheller Municipal airport as seen here, UAV operators must be adequately trained and authorized to operate within the vicinity of a class G mandatory frequency aerodrome.

Required UAV Documentation

The following documentation must be sent to CIRC to receive approval for UAV Operations.

  1. Standard Operations Procedures conforming to Transport Canada standards
  2. Proof of 3rd party liability insurance naming the Canadian Space Technology Advancement Group (CSTAG)
  3. Detailed flight and maintenance logs for the specific UAVs which will be brought to CIRC
  4. Document detailing training and experience of UAV operators

Drumheller Climate Tips

August is typically very hot and dry, with average temperatures in the summer reaching approximately 26°C and daily highs exceeding 33°C.

Reccomended Outdoor Wear

  • Long sleeve, ligh, moisture-wicking shirt polyester or polyester blend
  • Long pants, light-colored, moisture-wicking
  • Sunscreen SPF-50 or above recommended
  • Wide brim hat
  • Sunglasses (ensure they have UV rating)
  • Large hydration pack or water bottle
CIRC 2017 team briefing CIRC 2017 team briefing
Team briefing at the start of CIRC 2017