Volunteering Information

The Canadian International Rover Challenge needs for volunteers for the 2022 event in Drumheller, Alberta from August 12 – 15, 2022. In order to make this event a success, we require a lot of help with various tasks. Volunteering gives you a chance to get up close and personal with world class robots in the stunning surroundings of the Alberta Badlands.

Volunteer Roles

Competition Task Volunteers

There are five different tasks at the Canadian International Rover Challenge. We will try to accommodate your preference for which task you would like to volunteer at. See the list of tasks for CIRC 2022.

Task volunteers may be asked to do any or all of the following:

  • Act as a judge for the task under the supervision of an event organizer
  • Facilitate team movements around the task site
  • Interact with the public and media
  • Manage the live stream equipment
  • Capture videos and photos of the event
  • In the case of an emergency, take charge until the appropriate emergency personnel are on site
  • Transport any task related equipment
  • Set up any task related equipment and the task base (tent, tables, chairs, etc.)

CIRC Central Supervisors

CIRC Central is an indoor hub where all the teams have a space to work and is open to visitors from the public. General responsibilities of those volunteering in the central facility will include:

  • Monitoring that participants are using the facilities appropriately

  • Only allowing participants into the building overnight

  • Ensuring cold drinking water is available to teams

  • Answering any questions participants have

  • Interaction with the public and media

Logistics Volunteers

To support the various task sites, drivers are needed to:

  • Deliver meals, water, fuel, and other supplies to volunteers at the task sites

  • Transport organizers and volunteers between competition sites as required

Skills & Equipment Required: Your own vehicle; proof of a valid driver’s license and insurance are required. Fuel costs incurred while volunteering in this role will be reimbursed.

Photographer Volunteers

There will be a large amount of activity and excitement throughout the weekend. As such we hope to capture photos and videos of the event. We are looking for individuals that would enjoy taking photos, video, and helping out with the event live stream.

Skills & Equipment Required: digital camera, phone and/or video camera. A good eye for a great image.

General Volunteers

Many other tasks will need doing throughout the weekend, including setup and takedown of event infrastructure, running last-minute errands, or covering for other volunteers when they need a break. Sign up for this role to help out wherever you’re needed most.

Conditions of Volunteering

  • Making travel arrangements to and from Drumheller, Alberta (carpooling may be available depending on your location).

  • Covering your own lodging, meals and other personal expenses (CSTAG may provide some assistance for volunteers but can’t commit to anything at this time.)

  • CSTAG retains the right to freely use any photographs or videos you produce while volunteering at CIRC.

  • You release CIRC, CSTAG, and their agents from liability arising from any act or omission while you are volunteering at CIRC or participating in any event-related activity.

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