CIRC 2019 Competition Information


CIRC 2019 has finished! Congratulations to OSU Robotics Club for their excellent performance. To see the full scores to go Results and Standings.

Event Date

August 9 - 12, 2019


Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

Thanks to the continued support of our 2019 Title Sponsor Protocase, CIRC Central will continue to operate out of the Badlands Community Facility in downtown Drumheller.


General Information

Rules and Regulations

Task Site Locations

Wireless Spectrum Allocations

To provide infrastructure for live-streaming services, we will be operating on three 5GHz channels at CIRC Central and the 1st Avenue task site. These are the 20MHz channels 157, 161, and 165, and are reserved in both polarizations for competition use. The chart below shows all 5GHz channels legal for outdoor use, with our reservations in blue, orange, and purple.


CIRC 2019 T-shirts will available for order through this website. Shirts ordered by attendees will be available for pickup at the event.

Please visit the Apparel Order Page to submit your order!

Changes Since Last Year

CSTAG has reviewed the results of the post-event survey from 2018. Below are some of the changes we are making this year thanks to your feedback!

  • There are now five challenges, four during the day and one overnight.

  • The night task will be moved to an area with less grass, and the driving route will be more straightforward.

  • Task scoring has been designed to evaluate multiple capabilities of the rover at once, without being completely dependent on a single ability.

  • Some tasks now require a drill or trailer hitch, but most designs from 2018 should be largely reusable.

  • Rules and penalties related to interventions have been relaxed. This is intended to maximize rover operation time and avoid handicapping smaller teams. Please review the new intervention rules and how they apply within each task.

  • This year we will attempt to provide the following additional services to teams at CIRC Central:

    • A tea/coffee supply
    • Basic tools and workshop resources