Rules and Registration Information

The rules of the competition are now available on the rules page. All questions regarding the rules or competition should be sent to [email protected] . We discourage teams from creating local copies of the rules. While we will be setting up an FAQ page for questions regarding the rules, the rules will be periodically updated in order to best reflect the questions and to clear up an uncertainties expressed by teams.

In early 2018 teams will receive more information regarding the tasks including the detailed scoring rubrics and details on the equipment to be seen for the servicing tasks.

All teams are encouraged to read the rules thoroughly prior to going through the registration process. The registration process will be as follows:

Teams will submit their formal expression of interest to participate in the competition by November 29, 2017. This should be done using this form. Selected teams will be notified by email using the information provided in the formal expression of interest. Teams will then have seven days to respond to the invitation and pay the registration fee of $200.

All teams that are not initially accepted will be notified if further opportunities to participate arise in the event of teams dropping out, or the number of available spots increasing.