CIRC Central - Powered by Protocase

We are very excited to announce that Protocase’s support has allow CIRC to secure the Badlands Community Facility for usage by our participants. This center will be used as a central facility or “CIRC Central” for teams, organizers, and sponsors to be based at during the event. CIRC Central will be accessible to participants for the entire weekend.

Through the usage of this facility teams will have access to the following:

  • A work space and electricity for setting up and performing minor maintenance
  • Wireless internet
  • Air conditioning and shelter from heat, wind, and possible rain
  • Washrooms
  • Cold drinking water
  • Opportunities to meet CIRC sponsors visiting the event

In addition to these above items, this location will serve as the location for competition briefings and meetings throughout the event. Event organizers will always be accessible at CIRC Central to answer questions teams may have.

This location is a short distance from the Quality Hotel, and will be central to the competition areas. Teams will still be responsible for transportation of their rover between CIRC Central and the competition sites.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding the event please reach out to [email protected]