CIRC 2022 Winter Cancellation

We are sad to announce that the upcoming Winter 2022 event has been cancelled. With many teams not able to attend due to university policy and being unable to work on their rover, plus the new challenges facing us with the ongoing COVID-1 pandemic, it all means that it doesn’t make sense to hold a winter event this year.

We are already planning on holding a winter event next year. Make sure to check our website for updates on that as we move forward. You can tentatively plan for the same week in February 2023.

Teams that have paid the registration fee for the winter event will be refunded.

CIRC Summer 2022: August 12-15 2022

The Summer 2022 event is still proceeding as planned! Make sure to register for that event if you haven’t already. The small 2021 event was a success many teams should be able to attend.

Sign up at:

For more information on the event see the main event page

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by reaching out at [email protected].