Winter Traversal


The planet’s surface is covered in dangerous terrain making navigation difficult. Deep crevasses are identified with automated warning signs. Your rover must follow a carefully marked path to safely reach home base and check that all the warning signs are intact.


  1. Rovers must travel across terrain and go through gates to stay in the safe zone.
    1. Gates will be marked by 2 poles with red flags
      1. The poles will be a minimum of 60 cm tall
      2. The poles will be a minimum of 1.5m apart
  2. Rovers must scan the warning signs and report what they say to the judge.
    1. Warning signs will consist of a single Aruco marker.
    2. See the autonomy guidelines section of the rules for more information about Aruco markers
    3. The signs will be posted within 3m of the gates
  3. There are 7 gates.
    1. All gates will have GPS coordinates.
    2. All gates must be visited in order.
    3. All gates must be traversed from front to back. The gates will be laid out so that traveling away from the previous gate and towards the next gate will be the correct orientation.
  4. Reaching and passing through the gates will involve traversing progressively more difficult terrain and avoiding obstacles.
  5. Some points will be awarded if the camera is manually aimed at the marker and the rover autonomously identifies the code. More points will be awarded if the rover autonomously scans for the marker and identifies the code.
    1. Full points will be awarded if the Aruco scanning and detection software is running in the background and automatically displays the correct result when the Aruco marker comes within range and frame of the camera.