Task 5: Traversal and Transport

Task Description

A geology team has spent the last few days investigating a nearby area of challenging terrain. The team was rapidly evacuated due to an emergency at the habitat, and several pieces of important scientific equipment were left scattered around the area. Use your rover to patrol the region and retrieve the lost equipment.

All equipment must be deposited into a bin along the route. Details of each item and the bin are available below.

Task Resources

Objects 1, 2, and 3 are pictured inside the bin. The hammer is object 1, the bag is object 2, and the cylinder is object 3. The bin measures roughly 37” by 25” by 9”.


  1. Traverse the provided patrol route by approaching and visiting each waypoint.

    • The route is defined by six numbered GPS waypoints.

    • Waypoint coordinates will be provided during setup time. The start location is not a waypoint.

    • Each waypoint will be visually marked with a pair of small flags at least 1.5 m apart.

    • Points will be awarded for “approaching” a waypoint when the rover moves within 5 m of the waypoint center as measured by a judge.

    • Points will be awarded for “visiting” a waypoint when the rover drives between the flags without touching them.

    • Waypoints 5 and 6 include progressively more difficult terrain.

  2. Locate lost items and deposit them into a bin located near waypoint 4.

    • Waypoints 1 through 4 must be visited before depositing items.

    • There are three lost items: Object 1, Object 2, and Object 3.

    • The mass of each item will be less than 3 kg.

    • Object 1 may be loaded by team members during setup time and may be reloaded during an intervention.

    • Object 2 is placed on the ground near waypoint 1 and must be loaded by the rover.

    • Object 3 is placed on the ground near waypoint 6 and must be loaded by the rover.

    • If the rover is in possession of Object 2 or 3 when an intervention is called, teams may elect to leave them on the ground at the location of the intervention or return them to their original locations.


  • 2019 Scoring Rubric (all tasks)

  • Each set of points for each waypoint are only awarded once.

  • Waypoints must be visited in numerical order to earn points.

  • If a rover autonomously drives from within 5 m of the start area or previous waypoint to within 5 m of the next waypoint, autonomy points will be awarded for that waypoint.