Task 4: Search and Rescue

Task Description

A distress signal from an astronaut far afield on a prospecting mission has been received. Your team will use the nearby utility rover and equipment cache to provide assistance.

The terrain is treacherous, but GPS coordinates and flags mark a safe path through the task area. We predict the astronaut will run out of oxygen and power in under an hour, so you must hurry to the rescue!

Dimensions of each item and their initial positions are provided below. All items will be reachable from the starting location. A trailer is available near the starting location which may be used to transport equipment if desired.

Detailed instructions for each rescue procedure are also provided below.

Abandoned or unrecoverable items may be returned to their initial positions when an intervention is called.

Task Resources

Equipment Schematics:


The task is broken down into four stages:

  1. Gather equipment. Equipment available to the rover includes:

    • Suit repair foam applicator

    • Oxygen tank

    • Battery

    • First aid kit

    The “Gather Equipment” stage will be considered complete once all equipment is stored on the rover and/or trailer, and has not fallen off after 10 seconds.

  2. Traverse a course marked by three flags via GPS and/or visual navigation.

    • Flags are positioned such that they may be safely traversed in order using a direct path.

    • Flags are large and artificially lit to aid visual navigation.

    • Rovers must drive within 2m of each flag to score points. A circle will be marked on the ground to aid judging.

  3. Traverse to the astronaut via GPS and/or visual navigation.

    • Rovers must drive within 2m of the astronaut to score points. A circle will be marked on the ground to aid judging.

    • The astronaut may not be visible from the 3rd flag, and taking a direct path to it may not be advisable.

  4. Perform rescue procedures on the astronaut, including:

    • Applying suit repair foam to proper location

    • Replacing empty oxygen tank

    • Replacing suit battery

    • Injecting astronaut with adrenaline from first aid kit

    The “Perform Rescue Procedures” stage will be considered complete when the judges report nominal suit pressure, oxygen, power, and heart rate.

Stages may be attempted in any order, however the “Gather Equipment” stage must be either completed or forfeited before the “Perform Rescue Procedures” stage may be started. The task is over once all stages have been either completed, forfeited, or time runs out.

At the beginning of each stage, the positioning of the rover, trailer, and equipment are subject to the discretion of the judge.


  • 2019 Scoring Rubric (all tasks)

  • If a stage is completed from start to finish autonomously, the points awarded for that stage will be tripled.

  • If the entire task is completed before time runs out, and no stages have been forfeited, a bonus of 2 points for every full minute remaining will be awarded.


Does ‘low visibility conditions’ mean that this task will be held after dark again?

Yes, the task will be held in the dark between sunset and sunrise.

Will the trailer for this task be similar to the trailer for equipment servicing?

No, the trailers will be different. However, the connection mechanism for both trailers will be the same.